Strategic Partner Matchmaking

If you are looking for a professional partner to help you find and connect with strategic partners and investors in new or existing markets, you have come to the right place. We are a business consulting company with a vast network and expertise in helping companies identify and engage with potential partners and investors, by providing tailored and effective solutions in the following areas:

Investor Identification and Matchmaking

We can help you find and attract investors who can provide you with the capital and support you need to grow your business, whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a multinational corporation (MNC). We can connect you with a variety of investors, such as banks, financial institutions, private equity firms, angel investors, family offices, or venture capitalists (VCs), depending on your stage, sector, and goals.

Distributor and Supplier Matchmaking

We can help you find and establish relationships with reliable distributors and suppliers in your target markets, who can offer you access to local customers, channels, and resources. We can help you with screening and selecting the best candidates, conducting market research, setting up contracts, and managing performance.

B2B Matchmaking and Networking

We can help you create and participate in B2B matchmaking and networking events, where you can meet and interact with potential partners and clients in your industry or sector. We can help you with planning and organizing the events, facilitating introductions, providing follow-up support, and measuring outcomes

IT Nearshoring

We can help you outsource your IT projects or functions to high-quality and cost-effective providers in nearby countries, who can offer you technical expertise, cultural compatibility, and time-zone alignment. We can help you with sourcing and selecting the best providers, defining the scope and specifications of the projects, managing communication and collaboration, and ensuring quality and delivery.

Merger and Acquisition Advisory

We can help you pursue merger and acquisition opportunities that can enhance your growth potential, market position, or competitive advantage. We can help you with identifying and evaluating target companies, conducting valuation and due diligence, structuring and negotiating the deal, and integrating the acquired business.

Joint Venture and Partnership Formation

We can help you form joint ventures or partnerships with compatible partners who can complement your strengths, share your vision, and contribute to your success. We can help you with defining the objectives and scope of the partnership, designing the governance structure and operating model, resolving legal and financial issues, and managing the relationship.

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